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Every legal problem has a solution.

qualified legal advice

qualified legal advice

Our lawyers are skilled problem solvers and critical thinkers. We do our utmost to identify the issues and work toward peaceful and amicable solutions. However, we are aggressive warriors when the need dictates.

Our firm offers a full range of legal services. We dedicate ourselves in providing personal and accessible attention to each client and work with our clients to achieve their goals in a cost effective and professional manner.

Debtor Creditor

Our firm represents debtors in lawsuits filed against them by credit card companies, lenders, third party debt buyers, banks, medical providers and all other types of collection proceedings.

General Litigation

Our litigation practice is conducted aggressively, while constantly counseling clients on bottom line considerations. Our attorneys educate and advise clients of cost effective options and alternative dispute resolutions.

Business Law

Our practice offers a full range of business related legal services. Our lawyers advise and counsel clients on daily operating decisions, long-term planning and all types of business transactions.

Personal Injury

This practice group handles matters related to automobile accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect and general liability matters.


Our firm has a unique understanding of the criminal justice system. We represent clients charged with serious criminal offenses in both state and federal courts.