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The Rodier Student Loan College Planning Program

High School is coming to an end and now it is time to look at colleges.

Which College? In State? Out of State? Big? Small? Close to home? Far away? Campus tours? Fraternity? Sorority?

Student Studying

Did You Forget About How You Are Going To Pay For It?

Going to college is certainly an exciting time and a way to express your independence and find your place in the world. It is a sign of maturity and allows you to learn, grow, dream and pursue your passion or find what inspires you.

At Rodier Law Offices, we do not want to crush your dreams, we just want to help you make the right financial decisions, legal decisions and educate you about your choices. We advise clients about the dangers of signing student loan documents and the consequences related to high interest and false promises of placement and jobs.

Over our 27 years of practice, we have seen young lives destroyed and promising futures disappear. Some Universities make big promises of future jobs, future income, and paint a false picture of how easy it is to repay your student loans.

However, it is not easy to repay $200,000 in student loans with high growing interest rates on a salary of $30,000 while paying rent or a mortgage, food and living expenses.

We have represented thousands of clients over the years with debt problems. We have battled the student loan collectors and have helped former students defend lawsuits filed by Governments and Private Loans Companies. We continue to do so every day and we help people make a bad situation better.

NOW—We want to reduce the amount of unnecessary lawsuits by educating, counselling and advising families on how to make the right decisions and decisions that will allow students to live out their dreams.

How Do We Do So? We Take Preventive Measures. We Don’t Wait Until It All Falls And Just Clean Up The Mess.

We offer several programs at different price levels to allow students and their families to receive legal assistance from our team of lawyers who have extensive experience in the area of student loans and student loan litigation. These services include advising and educating students on:

  • The actual loan documents BEFORE you sign it.
  • The differences between Government backed loans and Private loans
  • Consequences of Default
  • Litigation Risks
  • False University Promises
  • Housing Expenses
  • Right College Choices
  • Future Job Market
  • Likelihood of Repayment
  • Accruing Interest
  • Parents liability of co-signing
  • Garnishment Risks
  • Deferments

Don’t Wait Until it is too Late.

Go to our contact page and send us an email entitled “Student Loans”. Provide all your contact information and we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss our different pricing levels and available payment plan options.

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