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The Rodier Law Family

In 1989, attorney and entrepreneur Ian Rodier founded Rodier Law Offices. The goal of the firm was to stand out from other law firms by providing efficient and cost-effective legal services that made sense. This meant to immediately identify the issues of each matter and figure out the fastest and most effective solution to the problem or dispute without causing great financial hardship to the client. Mr. Rodier believes that communication between the parties is the key ingredient to achieving the goals of the client and resolving matters expeditiously and effectively. The philosophy of the firm is that reaching goals should start from the minute the issues are identified and not prolong action which traditionally causes emotional and financial stress to people seeking legal services.

Our Legal Team


Our Growth

Rodier Law Offices has represented thousands of clients and, in addition to the new clients that contact us each day, our prior clients trust us with new matters and refer their friends and families to us. The relationship with our clients expands from one matter to a lifetime relationship. From one solo practitioner office in Columbus, Ohio, Rodier Law Offices has grown to 11 offices (Columbus, New York, Detroit, Independence, Cincinnati, Toledo, Grand Rapids, Dayton, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Columbia). The firm continues to grow each year and will continue to open new offices to reach the demands of clients throughout the country who seek efficient and cost-effective legal services.


Each Case Matters

Although our staff continues to grow with our team of lawyers, paralegals, and administrative staff, Mr. Rodier makes it a point to be accessible to each client. Clients are always welcome to have direct contact with Mr. Rodier at any time either by phone or email. The firm does its very best to maintain open communication with their clients because they understand that litigation causes anxiety and stress to clients and our firm wants to make this experience as comforting as possible.

Call Us: New Clients: (888) 972-6529 or (815) 527-0408  

Current Clients: (800) 505-7754 or (614) 224-7754

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5515 Scioto-Darby Road, Suite 303, Hilliard, Ohio 43026, USA

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